Dream Symbols

It is strange. We dream about some things, but we do not dream about others. Some people dream of flying, some people do not. Some people dream of snakes, some people do not. Some people dream of fantastic voyages and alien landscapes, but some people do not. This always raises the question of why was […]

Dreams of Flying

Dreaming that you are flying might be exhilarating or scary.  If you’ve had a dream of flying, you might be wondering what the dream means.  However you feel about your flying, discovering the meaning of your flying dream is ultimately up to you.  No one else can tell you what your dream of flying means.  […]

Dreams of Tornados

Dreaming of a tornado may feel scary and world shaking.  If you’ve dreamed of tornado, you might be wondering if it means a tornado will happen in your life, either figuratively or literally.  Dreaming of a tornado doesn’t necessarily mean that a tornado will happen.  In any case, dreams are messages from our higher self […]

Dreams of Cats

Dreaming of cats may mean many different things.  If you’ve dreamed of a cat, you might be wondering if it’s an omen of good or bad luck, or perhaps may mean something magical.  Cats are creatures who we deeply associate with luck and magic.  Whether or not dreaming of a cat signifies good or bad […]

Dreams of Water

Water is a primal element of life and there is no possibility of human life without it.  It may take many forms in your dreams.  You might dream of it as liquid, steam, or ice.  It might be flowing or stagnant.  It might push you or drown you.  It might be flowing where it should.  […]

Dreams of Death

Dreaming of death can be surprising and unnerving.  You might be wondering if dreaming that you died is a warning.  You might be wondering if your dream of death is a bad omen and something bad will happen to you.  It’s okay, you can take a breath and relax, death can be a good omen […]

Dreams of Pregnancy

Dreaming that you’re pregnant may mean many things, including that you actually are!  The only way to know what your dream means is to ask your own intuition.  Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up from the dream and your own personal associations with pregnancy.  Dreaming of pregnancy might mean something completely […]

Dreams of Spiders

Dreaming of a spider might feel a lot like seeing one in waking life.  You might be a little startled, creeped out, and be feeling the adrenaline rush of a dangerous situation.  Or you might be in awe of the spider’s incredible ability to weave webs.  Like any dream image, what dreaming of a spider […]

Dreams of Earthquakes

Dreaming of an earthquake can be very unsettling and disturbing.  You may feel a sense of danger, as if your world is falling apart, or you may be wondering if your dream is a warning of an actual earthquake.  There are as many interpretations of this symbol as it appears in dreams.   The meaning of […]

Dreams of Teeth

Teeth in dreams have many different meanings depending on the dream, your feelings, and your personal interpretation.  One of the most common queries for dream interpretation involve teeth and some sort of their destruction.  No one besides you can tell you what dreaming of your teeth falling out means.  Consider the symbolism of teeth, your […]