Our Family of Dreamers

DreamWell is a Public Benefit Corporation with the mission to support the natural well-being of all dreamers everywhere by building engaging digital tools that promote and inspire healthy sleep and dreams.DreamWell is 100% built and maintained by a small group of friends and family. We all contribute our own expertise. We are very happy to invite you, our dreamers, into the family.

Nkechi Njaka

Cofounder & Chief Mindfulness Officer

Nkechi Njaka is DreamWell’s Chief Mindfulness Officer. Her mission is to help all dreamers everywhere discover and practice mindfulness. Mindfulness and mindfulness based practices can help support natural sleep and deep rest. It can help enhance dreams. It can enhance life.

Nkechi is a scientist, an artist, public speaker, and meditation guide. She holds a masters degree in Neuroscience and has completed several residencies for choreography. This interplay between art and science and the mind and body informs all of her meditations. 

Daniel Rekshan

Cofounder & Chief Dream Officer

Daniel Rekshan is DreamWell’s Chief Dream Officer. His mission is to help all dreamers everywhere discover their dreams. We dream every night. Our dreams don’t just tell us about who we are. Our dreams are who we are. Dreaming is a part of life.

Daniel is a psycho-spiritual practitioner, meditator, and developer. He holds a masters degree in East West Psychology and is certified in several modalities of hypnosis. His in-person experience guiding people to relax and remember dreams informs his meditations.

William Rekshan

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

William Rekshan is DreamWell’s Chief Executive Officer. As a Public Benefit Corporation, our mission is to support the natural well-being of all dreamers everywhere by building engaging digital tools that promote and inspire healthy sleep and dreams.

William is a neuroscientist, statistician, and app builder. He’s contributed to scientific study of sleep and helped build a number of mobile apps. This desire to provide the best science has to offer on improving sleep and dreams in an accessible mobile app informs all of his practices.

Daniel Falus

Cofounder & Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Falus has the skill and vision to perfectly create an app that supports DreamWell’s mission. He has been a core part of making well designed user facing applications (both web and mobile) at Prezi and Drops (named App of the Year in 2018 by Google) for 10 years.

Chris Isaac

Sound Design

Chris Isaac is responsible for Sound Design at DreamWell. Sleep sounds and music can provide a quick and easy way to sleep. Sleep sounds and music relax. They mask background noise. They create a routine of sleeping and dreaming well.

Chis is a musician and audio engineer. He has recorded sound for televisions and films. He has mixed sound for countless live events. His deep experience with audio and creating music informs all of his sleep sounds and music.

Alexandra 'zz' Ofori-Atta

Lead Brand Designer

zz (She/They) is a Brooklyn-based Creative Strategist, Designer and Founder of Sophistafunk Studios – a small creative studio that specializes in helping brands in the beauty and wellness spaces bring their visions to life.

They are especially passionate about using their energy and time to create inclusive and supportive digital environments for black women and femmes. In their free time, you can find zz re-discovering their love of the bass guitar, binge-watching any and everything, or deciding where to travel next.