Dreams of Pregnancy


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Dreams of Pregnancy

Dreaming that you’re pregnant may mean many things, including that you actually are!  The only way to know what your dream means is to ask your own intuition.  Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up from the dream and your own personal associations with pregnancy.  Dreaming of pregnancy might mean something completely different for women who have been pregnant compared with women who have not.

Pregnancy dreams symbolize new life

Being pregnant is the ongoing act of nurturing and developing a new life.  Taken symbolically, dreaming that you’re pregnant might mean that you’re nurturing a new life.  Maybe there’s a new project or relationship in your life.  If you’ve dreamed that you’re pregnant, you’re invited to consider where in your life you are developing a whole new life, being, or thing.

Pregnant mothers completely support the developing new life

The baby in pregnancy is completely dependent on the mother’s body.  There’s no clear sense of separation or distinction of the baby from the mother.  The baby takes its mother’s energy and nourishment to grow.  A dream of pregnancy may warn that a new project or development needs energy, lifeforce, or protection in the way a mother might protect herself and child.  Where could you nourish your own new ventures?

Pregnancy dreams as omens of unequal energy exchange

The child in pregnancy can not return care to the mother for years of development and, in this way for a time, the baby is a parasite.  Perhaps you’re being asked to consider how you’re spending your lifeforce.  Supporting another life or new venture is energy consuming.  Where in your life are you pouring your life force?  Are these new lives you’d like to bring into the world and nurture?

Pregnancy dreams as negative omens

If you have negative feelings in the dream or waking up, then the omen may be negative.  Look to places where you’re allowing your lifeforce to nourish another being, such as a person, situation, or project, that is taking more energy than it gives back.  Perhaps you have unclear boundaries with someone in your life and you’re mothering them with no equal exchange of energy.  You are then invited to mother yourself instead.  How would it feel to stop nurturing others without thanks and to start nurturing yourself?

Pregnancy dreams as positive omens

If you have positive feelings in the dream or waking up, then the dream may be a positive omen. There may be a project, situation, or relationship in your life that is new and requires energy.  Your positive feelings may be telling you that you’re on the right path.  You’re about to birth a new life or project that will bring joy and love.  Where are you pouring your life energies?  You’re invited to feel that you’re doing something positive.

Can pregnancy dreams tell the future?

If you’ve dreamed of being pregnant or of someone in your life, then you may be wondering if your dream means anything about the future.  Maybe you’re hoping to get pregnant and your dream is a sign.  Maybe you dreamed of the gender of a friend’s child.  

Does dreaming you’re pregnant mean you’re pregnant?  Just like any dream, it could tell the future.  However, it’s often difficult to tell if your dream is an omen of the future or some other message.  All dreams are messages from our higher self, the earth, and the source of creativity, which are sent for our benefit to inspire healing, insight, and transformation.  

The best way to tell if your dream is an omen for the future is to listen to your own intuition.  What does your heart say right now?  We know things in many different ways than just conceptual thinking.  Often our concepts about if we can know something obscure our feeling of truth, which you might feel in your heart, your bones, or your gut.  Listen to those feelings, as you read interpretations of the dream, observe how you feel.  How do you feel?

If you’re unclear or it’s hard to hear your intuition, it’s okay and natural.  We’ve been trained by a rationalistic culture that intuition is not a valid source of knowledge.  We often need to practice listening to our intuition.  If this is the case, you can develop familiarity with your intuition by taking a small action based on what you guess the dream means, then observing yourself.  Ask your source of intuition to provide you a dream of guidance, knowing that you’ll find the messages of your dreams to become clearer and clearer the more you practice.


Dreaming that you’re pregnant means many things depending on the context.  Pregnancy symbolizes new life.  Pregnancy dreams can point to how our energy is supporting new life or projects.

Which interpretations of pregnancy in dreams speak to you?

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