Timeless Techniques for Sleep and Dreams


Daily routines for sleep, dreams, and mindfulness.

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Timeless Techniques for Sleep and Dreams

DreamWell offers practices specifically about mindfulness and dreams. Mindfulness is and effective technique to get to sleep. Dream practices are fascinating and can lead to deep and profound insights. All of these practices will offer you depth and the ability to go deeper into both mindfulness and dreaming.

But sometimes, we go to bed and we just lay there with our minds racing. We just need something simple to get us to sleep. This is where the timeless techniques are useful.

We offer simple techniques to help you fall asleep. They are designed to be listened to when you can’t sleep, but they are also simple enough that you can practice them on your own.

Many of these are simple breathing techniques. We offer a variety, so find the one that works for you. Some of these are simple cognitive technique design to interrupt worrying thoughts. Two of these are practices specific to cultivating lucid dreams.

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Breathing Exercises

DreamWell offers a number breathing exercises to help you calm the body and mind as a way to sleep. We can not make the conscious

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